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«Ecce Quam Bonum, et Quam Iucundum Habitare Fratres in Unum.»

Welcome to the page of the online magazine «The Grail !!

The magazine Grail vocation was born with the ambitious but not impossible to unite under the banner of the Temple, Culture and Knowledge Home every Templar, somewhat scattered and divided; and to spread the work of those who took Templarism heart.
The magazine «The Grail» has been published since the Sovereign Brotherhood of Ladies and Knights of the Temple, but it’s all because we are fortunate to count among our great partners with Knights and Dames of the Temple of different orders or brotherhoods, and the world of literature and history, all linked by their love of the Temple and its history and, thus, the magazine «The Grail» is intended to raise the scientific level of research and Templar publications, thus not only helps disseminating them but introduces, science and rigorous research Templar.

Fuensanta Santos «Hypatia».
Director of the Grail.

Then you can have all the numbers of the Grail published to date:

Articles Index

PAGE 03 – Editorial

PAGE 04 – The Unborn Castel of chastellet

PAGE 07 – The Magdalene Apóstola Apostolorum for Love

PAGE 16 – Toledo`s Secret Encounters

PAGE 20 – The Templars on The Coast of Huelva

PAGE 26 – Sanctuary of Solomon`s Table

PAGE 29 – Investiture Of Tampa OSMTJ.USA

PAGE 32 – Events OSMTJ.USA

Articles Index

PAGE 03 – Editorial

PAGE 04 – The Templars Last Crusade

PAGE 13 – Justice and Charity Jesus Perspective

PAGE 22 – The Reconquest of Seville

PAGE 32 – The Influence of Women on Jesus

PAGE 37 – The Templar Seal, Dome Roch

PAGE 42 – Miguel Mercurio report, Rome OSMTJ

PAGE 43 – Investiture Of Tampa OSMTJ.USA

Articles Index

PAGE 03 – Editorial

PAGE 04 – The First Templar Knight (part two)

PAGE 13 – Templarism in the Century XXI

PAGE 18 – The Symbolism of the Sword

PAGE 23 – Death of Templar Master af the Battel of Ùbeda

PAGE 29 – The Grail and Islam in the Temple

PAGE 38 – Investiture Priory of St. Martin de Porres of Florida

Articles Index

PAGE 03 – Editorial

PAGE 04 – The First Templar Knight

PAGE 14 – The Sacred Shroud and The Templars

PAGE 20 – Jerez de los C. Bahiliato of Templar Order

PAGE 25 – Compassion Christiand and Buddhist Contribution

PAGE 29 – Simbology of Sigillum Militum Xpisti

PAGE 35 – Eleanor of Aquitaine Great Dame of Middle Ages

PAGE 41 – Calendar of Events

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